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San Francisco disability lawyerNo one expects to suffer a life-changing disability, but unfortunately this happens to far too many individuals. Understanding your next steps if you are no longer able to work is imperative for protecting your ability to get the help you need.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, which provide valuable assistance to individuals who are no longer able to hold down their job as a result of the disabling illness or condition. Unfortunately, getting these benefits is more challenging than many expect.

In fact, the majority of people will be denied disability benefits the first time they apply. This is why hiring the right San Francisco Social Security disability lawyers makes a huge impact on the outcome of your case. Whether your claim has already been denied or if you are just starting the disability benefits application process, you need an experienced attorney who will work hard to protect your best interests.

The San Francisco Social Security Disability lawyers at Phillips Disability can help you do just that. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation. We do not get paid unless you get benefits.

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How We Can Help

At Phillips Disability, our legal practice is dedicated to helping individuals applying for disability or working through the disability appeals process. Having the right attorney on your side can significantly enhance your chances of being approved for disability benefits.

Our inside knowledge of the Social Security disability application, as well as the stages of the disability appeals process, allows us to help you regardless of where you find yourself. We understand that receiving disability benefits is often a critical component of your ability to recover and move on with your life.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits from Social Security

There are two major disability programs managed by the federal government: Supplement Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). Depending on your work history, you may qualify for one or the other. Although there are different qualifications for each, both programs use the same definition of disability.

In order to be classified as disabled, an individual must have a condition that:

  • Has already lasted 12 months or is expected to last a minimum of 12 months
  • Prevents you from being able to work in a current position or another job

Based on your ability to work, as well as your medical records, the Social Security Administration will evaluate your application and determine whether or not you are eligible to receive SSI or SSDI benefits.

Because there are certain conditions that will almost always be debilitating and prevent an individual from being able to obtain or keep a job, the Social Security Administration has a database of debilitating conditions and impairment listings.

If you have a condition that is listed in this database, your chances of being approved for disability benefits increase. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to recover benefits if you have an impairment that is not listed. It simply becomes all the more important to hire the right San Francisco Social Security disability lawyers.

Our San Francisco Social Security disability lawyers will help you gather all of the relevant materials in order to support your claim for disability benefits.

The Social Security Disability Benefits Application Process

Putting together your Social Security Disability application can be an overwhelming and confusing process. Small mistakes may lead to serious delays or even denial of your claim, so it is imperative to partner with a disability lawyer you can trust from the outset.

Taking the time to ensure that your application is completed correctly prior to submitting it can have a significant impact on your ability to receive benefits in a timely manner. Having our San Francisco Social Security disability lawyers help you for the duration of the process gives you the opportunity to have your questions answered promptly and increases the chances of a successful application.

We will make sure that your application is complete and accurate with all of the medical records and other documentation you need for a successful claim.

Handling a Denied Claim

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits has already been denied, our knowledgeable San Francisco Social Security disability lawyers can evaluate your application and determine any errors or omissions that could have led to the initial denial.

Our attorneys may also attempt to include additional documentation and medical records that support details about your condition.

Most people are not aware of their rights to appeal a denial and therefore give up after being refused initially. However, many of these individuals may qualify for benefits through the appeals process.

Our lawyers have years of experience helping clients in this situation, and we understand the appeals process in full. We work hard to help you understand and navigate all stages of your appeal, including a reconsideration review, a hearing in front of an administrative law judge, a hearing before the Appeals Council, or even a lawsuit taken to federal district court.

Get Help Today from Our San Francisco Social Security Disability Lawyer s

There is too much on the line for your future to leave a case like this to chance. If you are currently beginning an application for Social Security disability benefits or if you have already been denied, you need to schedule a no obligation free consultation to learn more about your rights and recommended next steps.

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