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San Diego disability lawyerThe Social Security Disability program provides benefits for individuals who can no longer work as a result of a disabling injury or illness. Applying for these benefits, however, can be complex without the help of a San Diego Social Security disability lawyer. Without a lawyer, an applicant runs the risk of unnecessary delays, confusion and having to work through the appeals process alone.

Since the process can be so confusing and overwhelming, we have dedicated our law practice to helping Social Security Disability applicants. We work hard to help you, whether you have already submitted an application or if you need assistance applying for the first time.

Our no-cost initial consultation can help you regardless of where you are in the process. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, we are not paid unless you are approved for benefits.

We understand that coping with a disability and the challenges of the application process can be overwhelming. That is why you gain peace of mind when working with our law firm.

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Qualifying for Disability Benefits

In order to qualify for disability benefits, you must have a condition or illness for which the following applies:

  • Having a disabling injury or illness that prevents you from working in your old position
  • Being unable to adjust to some other type of work
  • The condition needs to have lasted at least 12 months or is anticipated to last 12 months

The Social Security Administration manages two programs for disability benefits: Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The major difference between these programs has to do with the applicant’s work history, but all applicants must meet the general disability guidelines outlined above.

Since there are certain conditions that always tend to meet these guidelines, the SSA maintains a list of these impairments. If your condition is included in these guidelines, your chances of being approved for SSDI may be higher. If your condition is not listed, you may still be able to receive benefits, but you should hire a San Diego Social Security disability lawyer to protect your interests.

The disability attorneys at Phillips Disability can assist you with putting together the medical records and other evidence to show how your condition prevents you from working.

The Application Process for Social Security Disability

Without knowing what to do, it can be confusing to put together a Social Security Disability application. Unfortunately, even minor mistakes may lead to an application being denied. This is why it is essential to ensure that your application has been received carefully prior to submission.

Hiring the right San Diego Social Security disability lawyer to help you craft this application is strongly recommended as this will increase your chances of being approved for benefits.

Denied Claims

If your claim is denied during your first attempt, this is not unusual. In fact, many people who receive a denial will assume there is no point in continuing with an appeal. Since the appeals process can be so complex, those who initially look into it might also give up. Failing to pursue an appeal could be a big mistake.

Once you receive word of a denial, contact a San Diego Social Security disability lawyer immediately. There are four primary stages of the appeals process, and the insight and assistance offered by an experienced disability attorney can help you navigate this process successfully. Many people who are denied initially are often eligible to receive benefits after pursuing an appeal.

The four stages of the appeals process are:

  • A reconsideration review
  • An administrative law judge hearing
  • An Appeals Council hearing
  • A lawsuit in federal district court 

Get the Help You Need from a San Diego Social Security Disability Lawyer

Our office has helped many clients in your situation. Since we offer a no-cost consultation and we do not get paid unless your claim is approved, you can have the peace of mind that someone is advocating for you without any additional concerns.

No matter if you have already applied and been denied or if you need help putting together your initial disability application, Phillips Disability is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation so that you are one step closer to receiving these essential benefits.

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