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Salt Lake City SSDI LawyersIf you have a disability that makes it impossible for you to work, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. This government program provides essential support for individuals who can no longer work because of a disabling illness or condition.

What many applicants do not realize, however, is that it is very hard to be approved for disability benefits the first time around. This can lead to delays and frustration for someone struggling to cope with the impact of a disability.

As committed lawyers in this field, we know what it is like for applicants and their families who may need these critical benefits. Whether you have already applied and been denied or whether this is your first attempt to apply for disability, our lawyers can help.

Our extensive knowledge of the application and the process itself can be vital for helping you obtain benefits sooner rather than later. Since time is of the essence with any disability application, it is strongly recommended that you hire a Salt Lake City social security disability lawyer immediately.

A Salt Lake City Social Security Disability lawyer can help to put together the necessary documentation to illustrate how your condition prevents you from working.

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Qualifying for Disability Benefits

There are two programs administered through the Social Security Administration for those individuals with disabilities. These are Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Although both programs award benefits to individuals with disabilities, SSDI is only available for those with a work history.

Since the Social Security Administration understands that particular conditions may prevent an applicant from being able to work again, the agency maintains a “blue book” of these impairments. If you have a disability outlined in this book, your application for SSDI benefits will likely be approved, but you should always consult with a Salt Lake City disability lawyer for more information. Those without an impairment listing may still be able to receive benefits with the assistance of a lawyer.

The general requirements to receive disability benefits include:

  • Being unable to work due to a disabling condition
  • Being unable to obtain any other type of work
  • A disability that has already lasted 12 months or is expected to last a minimum of 12 months

Applying for Benefits

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult and tedious. Since applications can be denied for minor mistakes or missing details, it is a good idea to hire a Salt Lake City disability lawyer prior to submitting your application. Having your application approved the first time around is ideal, and an attorney can help ensure there are no missing or mistaken details.

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Handling a Denied Claim

It can be very frustrating to receive word that your disability application has been denied.  Some people who are denied right away will give up at this stage in the process and never pursue an appeal. This can be a costly mistake, as many individuals who are denied at first may be approved later on in the process. How you handle your appeal is also important, because waiting too long could compromise your ability to ever receive benefits.

The four levels of the appeals process can be extremely confusing if you are not sure what to expect. That is why a Salt Lake City Social Security disability lawyer can help you figure out what is required and recommended at each step, which include:

  • The reconsideration review
  • A hearing before an administrative law judge
  • An Appeals Council hearing
  • A federal district court lawsuit

No matter where you are in the process, having the right Salt Lake City Social Security Disability lawyer can make a difference. We will guide you through every step and be an advocate for your rights and interests.

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At Phillips Disability, we work hard to understand your individual situation and help you figure out what to do at each stage of the process whether you are appealing or starting your first application. Since time is so critical when there are benefits on the line, you need to consult with a Salt Lake City Social Security Disability lawyer immediately to protect your rights going forward.

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