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talking with Oakland SSDI attorneyIf you suffer a life-changing illness or disability, you may be able to recover Social Security Disability benefits if you are no longer able to work as a result of your disability. Understanding your next steps is critical for receiving the benefits you need.

Unfortunately, it is not always as easy to receive disability benefits as you might expect. Many individuals are denied the first time they apply. It is possible, however, to recover this essential support by continuing through the appeals process.

Having an Oakland Social Security Disability Benefits lawyer is strongly recommended if you find yourself in this situation. The disability attorneys at Phillips Disability are experienced in helping individuals who are applying for the first time or who are interested in appealing a denied claim.

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How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

There are two programs available for individuals who have sustained a life-altering disability that prevents them from being able to work: Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Although these programs have different qualifications based on your work history, they use a common definition of disabling condition. In fact, the Social Security Administration maintains a list of the most common conditions that prevent an individual from being able to ever return to work.

In order to qualify for benefits, your disability should have already prevented you from working for 12 months or be expected to prevent you from working for 12 months. It must also keep you from being able to continue in another job.

Although there is a higher chance of your disability benefits application being accepted if you have a condition outlined in the listing of impairments, you may still be able to receive benefits if your condition is severe enough.

An experienced Oakland Social Security disability benefits lawyer from Phillips Disability help you determine and apply for the benefits that work best for you.

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Appealing a Denied Claim

Unfortunately, many individuals will be denied disability benefits after their first application. Most individuals will not understand that they have the right to appeal or may feel uncomfortable with the appeals process and choose to let the issue go, thus compromising their ability to recover benefits.

In this situation, it is strongly recommended that you partner with an Oakland disability benefits lawyer who can tell you more about your rights and help you navigate the complicated appeals process.

Working with the right Oakland Social Security disability benefits lawyer can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of your case and may allow you to recover benefits more quickly.

Even minor mistakes on your initial application can compromise your ability to recover benefits. Our Oakland Social Security disability lawyers will evaluate your initial application and determine opportunities to rectify errors or omissions.

You may need to prepare for a reconsideration review, a hearing before an administrative law judge, a presentation in front of the Appeals Council, or a federal district court case. A lawyer can help you prepare for each stage of the appeals process.

Our disability attorneys are here to answer your questions and help you build a strong disability application.

Get Help from a Knowledgeable Disability Lawyer 

If you are applying for benefits or if your application has already been denied, an experienced Oakland Social Security Disability lawyer from Phillips Disability can help you put together a strong and complete application or successfully navigate the appeals process.

Do not hesitate to contact us today to get started. There is only a limited about of time to appeal a denied claim. The sooner we can begin building your application, the better your chances of recovering the benefits you need.

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