Filing for SSD for Soft Tissue Injuries and Burns

Posted on behalf of Phillips Disability, P.C. on Jul 07, 2015 in Qualifying Conditions

disability benefits lawyersBurns and other types of soft tissue injuries to the tendons, ligaments and muscles often heal at a relatively quick rate, but in some cases, these types of injuries can be severe enough to cause a loss of functionality and mobility and could impair a person to the point of needing assistance from Social Security.

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Social Security Blue Book Listings

As with all conditions, in order to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income, you must provide proof that you meet one of the medical listings in the Social Security Blue Book or prove that you are unable to work because of the debilitating limitations of your condition.

There are two listings in the Blue Book for soft tissue injuries and burns:

Injuries from burns that are being treated requires that you have injuries to your face, head, arms, legs or trunk that are undergoing treatment to restore or save the functional use of the injured area. You also must not have functional use of the injured area for a minimum of 12 months or permanently.

Burn injuries that are no longer being treated are evaluated under a variety of listings depending on the type of injury that resulted. For example, if your vision has been affected, you will be evaluated under the vision loss listing. If only your skin is affected, you will be evaluated under the burn listing, which requires that you have burns with excessive skin lesions that have lasted or are expected to last a minimum of 12 months.

Because burns and soft tissue injuries can heal over time, Social Security often requires an ongoing record of treatment and reports of changes in functionality.

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